Ayurvedic Medicines for Enhancing Female Sexual Health

Ayurvedic Medicines for Enhancing Female Sexual Health

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While physical intimacy is one of humans’ many acts of love, sexual health is still a neglected topic, especially for females. Poor sexual health often leads to losing libido or low sexual desire. Many factors, including relationship stress, hormonal imbalances, and job stress, take a toll on female libido, thus deteriorating their intimate wellness.

Are you suffering from a low sex drive or don’t find physical intimacy as good as it used to be earlier? It’s time to turn to Ayurvedic medicines and herbs to promote your sexual health. This comprehensive guide will outline the best option that may help improve your bedroom life.

What are the Factors Affecting Female Sexual Health?

Sexual health is vital to your overall well-being and as crucial as your bodily health. But unlike men, women’s sexual desires and health are harder to pin and naturally fluctuate over the years.

Sexual problems in women often occur when their hormones are in flux or due to significant illness or other relationship issues.

Hence, before we get into ayurvedic medicines to promote your sexual health, let’s find out some of the factors contributing to female sexual dysfunction. Some of them are in our control, and some simply aren’t, but they all have a thread in the complex web of sexual desire.

  • Physical Illness

Many non-sexual diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and other neurological disease, may affect female sexual health, thus leading to low or no sex drive.

  • Lifestyle

An inactive lifestyle, too much alcohol, and smoking may dull arousal, thereby affecting your bedroom life. The same is true for street drugs. All these things decrease blood flow down there and affect your sex drive.

  • Menopause

Changes in hormone levels may alter your sex desire. It usually occurs during menopause when estrogen levels drop, thus making you less interested in physical intimacy and causing dry vaginal issues.

  • Stress

Your state of mind is equally responsible for deteriorating your sexual health. And there are many psychological issues that cause poor libido, including financial or work stress, anxiety or depression, low self-esteem, and more.

The Best Ayurvedic Medicine to Promote Female Sexual Health

Ayurvedic medicines work as natural remedies that help boost libido while improving overall sexual health. However, not all options are crafted equally and offer desired results. Hence, you must turn to medicines that contain natural and herbal ingredients, such as VG3 tablets.

The formulation of these Ayurvedic tightening tabs is approved by Ayush Department, thus assuring no side effects. It comprises the goodness of herbal ingredients, including Dridbeeja, Juhi, Majuphal, Suhaga, and Gulab. Since it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, you can rest assured and try these tabs without thinking twice.

VG3 tabs are basically vaginal tightening capsules that may help tone your intimate area muscles, so you can experience the joy of physical intimacy again. It shows results in 30 minutes, and the effect will last for 12 hours. The best thing is that these tabs don’t require a lengthy recovery period and don’t involve the use of artificial implants or devices.

All in all, these tablets help you regain your pre-pregnancy body naturally while promoting a more satisfying experience in the bedroom. Also, they can help restore elasticity, thus allowing you to rediscover your youthful vitality.

However, it’s always advised to team up these ayurvedic medicines with a healthy lifestyle, nutrient-rich diet, and exercise for better results. Physical and mental fitness is essential to keep a person stress-free while enhancing libido levels. Regular workouts, yoga, and meditation can also reduce the risk of sexual health issues in women.

Summing Up

Healthy sex life reduces stress, decreases anxiety, and allows sound and peaceful sleep. Hence, it is vital to build a healthy relationship with your partner and keep tabs on your overall intimate health. Apart from ayurvedic medicines, you must focus on a well-balanced diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise to yield positive outcomes.



Q. What Ayurvedic herbs are beneficial for improving female sexual health?

The herbs that may help enhance female sexual health are Safed Musli, Shatavari, Kaunch Beej, Brahmi, and Gokshura.

Q. What foods are good for boosting libido?

There are plenty of foods that may help boost your libido, thus improving your sexual life, including Almonds (raw or mixed with milk), dates, and avocados.

Q. How common is low libido?

Low sex drive or low libido is pretty common in this fast-paced lifestyle. It affects up to 1 in 5 men and even more women and can occur at any point in their lives.

Q. What are the symptoms of low sex drive?

Some of the common symptoms of low sex drive are

  • No interest in any kind of sexual activity
  • Decrease in sexual fantasies
  • Sexual arousal disorder

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