Hair Fall Prevention in Monsoon: Is It Normal?

Hair Fall Prevention in Monsoon: Is It Normal?

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Monsoon is knocking at our doors, and our love-hate relationship with this weather is hidden from none. While we cherish the rainy season for its refreshing vibes, we simultaneously loathe it for the myriad of hair and scalp woes it brings along.

This weather makes your locks brittle and frizzy, often resulting in hair fall, dull hair, and dandruff. And if you don’t take instant action, your greasy hair can lead to infections and weakening roots. But thankfully, you can control hair fall in monsoon with extra care and keep your locks healthy and lustrous. Here’s all you need to know about hair fall prevention in monsoon.

The Major Causes of Hair Fall in Monsoon

The increase in the number of hair strands shedding while combing can be harrowing. Hair shedding is part and parcel of life, and an average person loses about 50 to 100 strands daily. However, monsoon heavily impacts hair health and can increase hair fall by up to 30%.

Wondering - why does hair fall in rainy season? Keep scrolling to get all the answers.

  • Humidity

Monsoon elevates the amount of moisture in the air, which causes the hair to absorb extra hydrogen and makes them weaker. Humidity also deprives the scalp of its natural oils, resulting in weaker roots and a dry scalp.

  • Infections

The likelihood of developing various bacterial and fungal infections increases during the rainy season, leading to hair loss. Your scalp becomes dry owing to the increased moisture in the air and acts as a perfect host for these infections.

  • Weakened follicle strength

The moisture in the air weakens the hair follicle strength, making strands appear lifeless and dull. It also leads to tangled hair and eventually to hair fall in monsoon.

The Tips to Control Hair Loss During Monsoon

While hair loss during monsoon may be alarming, it’s a temporary phase and can be controlled using simple tweaks. This guide will walk you through the five easy hair fall prevention tips to help you retain the bouncy shine while enjoying the weather.

1. Cover up your head when going out

Like it or not, we have to step out of our homes in the rain and watch our hair and makeup all go for a toss. Hence, the golden rule to prevent hair fall in monsoon is to cover up your head every time you go out. Rainwater isn’t as pure as it looks and can cause the hair roots to weaken.

So, if you have to take a walk in the rain, be sure to carry an umbrella or cover your tresses with a cap or scarf.

2. Do regular oil massage

Oil massages will help you enhance the strength of your roots while nourishing your hair from the deep within. It, in turn, helps increase the quality of your strands and keeps your hair safe from humidity. While any potent oil can be chosen for a massage, you should opt for almond or caster oil for better results. Let the oil sit in the hair for 2-3 hours, and then wash with a mild shampoo.

3. Keep your hair clean

Given the delicate care your hair requires during monsoon, switch to a gentle cleansing and moisturizing shampoo, like Instant Veda Tea Water Shampoo, that helps nourish your locks while promoting healthy hair. It is enriched with the goodness of Tea Water, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E, and helps enhance shine and color.

4. Healthy Diet

Needless to say, a healthy diet is the staple for your monsoon hair care routine and will do wonders. Cut down on caffeine, and drink 8-12 glasses of water daily to hydrate your scalp and avoid hair fall in rainy season. Include sprouts, egg whites, and pulses in your routine and help restore the natural glow of your strands.

Summing Up

Although Hair fall in monsoon is quite normal and temporary, you should keep a close watch on the amount of hair shedding. Harness the power of natural ingredients like aloe vera and at-home remedies to add life to dull strands. In case the hair fall gets worse, consult a specialist immediately for further assistance.


Q. Should I be panicking about hair fall in the rainy season?

No, not at all. Hair fall in rainy season is temporary and can be prevented using a simple hair care routine.

Q. How often should I wash my hair in the monsoon?

It depends on your hair type. If you have oily strands, wash them three times per week and if you have dry hair, wash them twice a week, and not more.

Q. Which hair oil is best during monsoon?

Any hair oil that contains antioxidants, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, such as coconut oil, castor oil, etc.

Q. Should I add conditioner to my monsoon hair care routine?

Yes, of course. Conditioner is mandatory during monsoon, as it adds moisture and keeps hair strands healthy and shiny.

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