How to Increase Height After Puberty?

How to Increase Height After Puberty?

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It’s often believed that your height will be set in stone once you reach puberty; however, that’s not entirely true. While you may not be able to add inches to your height overnight, you can do a few things to grow taller and more confident.

Add a nutrition-rich diet to your everyday routine, and don’t be afraid to consume height growth supplements to achieve the desired outcome. Also, wearing clothes that flatter your figure and elongate your body will help you look taller than you really are. Here, we have outlined practical tips to support your growth after puberty. The guide also entails some factors that primarily influence your height. Follow the instructions carefully and achieve the height you desire.

What Factors Influence Height Growth?

Before we jump into the methods that help you grow taller after 18, it’s vital to understand what determines how tall we really are. Several factors impact our height growth, including our DNA, nutrient deficiency, medical conditions, lifestyle, etc. Our experts have deeply reviewed all factors and mapped out the four things that hugely impact your body development.

  • Genetics

There’s no denying that your genetic composition plays a significant role in determining your height. It means that your height growth mainly depends on either of your parents. Researchers believe DNA is responsible for the maximum of a person height.

Also, some studies have showcased that people often inherit height from their paternal side. While genetic makeup largely influences height, that does not make the entire story, as several other factors, like nutrition, lifestyle, etc., also contributes to your overall body development.

  • Nutrient Deficiency

Nutrition is also essential and crucial in increasing your height. If people don’t get enough proper nutrients, they may not reach their full potential height. Hence, improved nutritional intake might help you achieve the height of your desire.

  • Hormones

Yet another thing that influences the body’s height growth is hormones. Our body produces different hormones, such as growth hormones, thyroid hormones, etc., that instruct growth plates to make a new bone. However, the body often stops producing the growth hormone when we reach puberty; hence, it closes the growth plates, which automatically affects our height growth.

The 5 Tips to Grow Taller After Puberty

While there’s no magical remedy to increase height after 18, you can just follow the corrective measures to maximize growth in your teen years. Here’s a quick rundown of the five practical tips that may help you grow taller after 18.

  • Ensuring good nutrition

While we can do nothing about genetic composition, we can work on other factors like nutrition and lifestyle to grow taller. Nutritionists worldwide recommend that children and young people consume a balanced diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Also, don’t forget to add protein and calcium, as they are vital for bone health and growth.


  • Get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the most important yet overlooked factors influencing height growth. Believe it or not, sleep promotes growth and development, which is why it is vital to get enough sleep and rest, especially during your teen years.
Researchers believe that the body releases growth hormones during deep sleep, which further helps you to grow taller. If you don’t get enough sleep over a long period of time, it may affect the ability of the child to grow while causing other health problems.

  • Yoga and Exercise can help

The next thing that might support height growth after puberty is yoga and sporting activities, like football, basketball, and swimming. Also, a complete yoga regime may garner many benefits for your mind and body. While yoga exercises may not increase your height directly, they help you practice a good posture which can contribute to overall growth.

  • Upgrade your lifestyle

Since a poor lifestyle is one of the most common factors influencing body development, discarding bad habits and upgrading your lifestyle is vital. For instance, smoking has been linked to stunted growth in children and adolescents. And excessive alcohol consumption may also lead to a more diminutive stature.

  • Don’t be afraid to consume ayurvedic health supplements

Lastly, you must seek external help to support your growth after puberty. While most believe that height supplements can do nothing or produce no results, the truth differs from this common belief.
Various supplements like Long Looks Capsules are available on the market, which can support overall growth. These capsules are made up of ayurvedic ingredients, such as Babul, Karu, Ashwagandha, Neem, Chandrika, Somlata, etc., thus, producing no side effects.

Summing Up

So, that’s how you can add some inches to your height. With a little effort, determination, and diligence, you can reach your goals and start growing even after puberty. Give these tips a try and see how they work for you.

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