Sexual Health Benefits of Shilajit

Sexual Health Benefits of Shilajit

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Often touted as the “Destroyer of Weakness”, Shilajit has proven its goodness, time and again, leaving positive effects on your overall health and well-being. It is a sticky substance found primarily in mountainous regions like the Himalayas. 

Shilajit develops from the slow decomposition of organic plant matter and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicines. Not only will it help solve problems in the bedroom, but it’ll also provide numerous other benefits for men and women. Read on to find out more about the sexual health benefits of Shilajit. 

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a tar-like substance found between the rocks of mountainous ranges, like the Siberian Altai and the Himalayas. It has an incredible profile of over 85 ingredients and essential minerals, including Fulvic Acid and Humid Acid. 

While it may not smell or look appealing, it’s rich in minerals and offers numerous health benefits. When used appropriately, this herb can be hugely beneficial for the body in a variety of ways. Ayurveda recognizes authentic Shilajit as a potent supplement for improving vigor, and it has long been used to boost male fertility and enhance libido.

Shilajit is available as a powder or supplement that can be dissolved in milk or water for better outcomes. However, since the options are endless, you must invest in Ayush-certified products, such as Lauh Shilajit Liquid Resin with Iron. It boasts the goodness of pure shilajit and Ferrum oxide, thus helping relieve stress and improving fertility. 

The 5 Sexual Health Benefits of Shilajit

While its health advantages range from boosting the immune system to improving cardiac health, it’s Shilajit’s sexual benefits that draw the most attention. A couple of them are mentioned here. 

  • Enhance the sex drive
  • Shilajit is counted among the top herbs used for improving the sex drive among men and enhancing libido. It boosts blood circulation, increases iron and oxygen concentrations in the blood, and helps nourish the genitals. 

    Shilajit helps enhances the sex drive by improving the mitochondrial function of the body, which increases energy levels, leaving positive impacts on sexual well-being. Shilajit usage also help relieves anxiety and stress, which improves sexual arousal. 

  • Improves sperm production and motility
  • In addition to boosting the sex drive among men, this herb is also used for improving sperm production by a considerable margin. It can also help improve sperm motility, the ability of sperm to move toward the egg. This automatically boosts male fertility while improving the overall sexual health of a person. 

    So, if you have a low sperm count and are struggling with male fertility, consider adding Sjilajit to your routine and see if it makes a difference. 

  • Helps deal with erectile dysfunction
  • Shilajit is a mix of powerful antioxidants and minerals, thus helping the body fight free radicals and maintain good health. This herb is mainly known for controlling ‘vaat’ in our body and helps maintain a balance of ‘apaan vayu’, which is responsible for proper blood circulation in genital organs. 

    Hence, the consumption of shilajit improves the blood flow in all body parts, which is crucial for achieving and maintaining an erection. In addition, Shilajit is also helpful in managing stress and anxiety, thus aiding in natural blood flow and helping deal with erectile dysfunction. 

  • Helps increase your testosterone levels
  • The hormone levels, especially Testosterone, start to drop as men grow older and age, thus affecting the overall sex drive. Low testosterone levels in males can lead to erectile dysfunction, affecting overall confidence and self-esteem. 

    That’s where Shilajit comes into the role. This ayurvedic herb can help enhance testosterone production, thus improving sexual wellness while maintaining adequate weight and heart health. It contains compounds that support healthy testicular function and helps promote sperm production. 

  • Boosts sexual performance
  • The sexual performance of males depends on multiple factors, including testosterone levels, erection, and sex drive. Since Shilajit helps enhance all of them, it automatically boosts sexual performance and makes you more confident in the bedroom. 

    This Ayurvedic herb boasts rejuvenating properties, which help improve energy levels and boost overall stamina. It is believed to work by helping boost the production of ATP, a molecule that provides energy to cells. 

    Shilajit also helps calm your anxiety, thus promoting a healthy body and mind. It has traditionally been used to promote sexual health and performance by increasing blood flow and calming stress levels, both of which can have a positive impact on sexual performance and overall well-being. 

    Summing Up

    While Shilajit is a go-to Ayurvedic herb for improving your sexual life and performance, there are a few precautions to consider. First, always purchase Shilajit from a reputable supplier to reduce the risk of contamination. Secondly, consult a healthcare provider before adding this herb to your daily routine. Taking these precautions can help ensure safe and effective results.

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