5 Simple Tips to Increase Height Even After Puberty

5 Simple Tips to Increase Height Even After Puberty

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Are you wondering when your body will reach its maximum potential? Is there any simple way to grow your stature and get rid of nasty jokes? Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill to increase height after puberty. Our stature mainly depends on the genetic composition. However, plenty of other factors contribute to the same, including diet, lifestyle, and more. 

While we cannot control the DNA composition, we can still work on other factors to promote your overall growth. From lifestyle changes and a well-balanced diet to adding natural products, like Long Looks Capsules, to your routine, here’s a quick rundown of 5 simple tips to reach the maximum potential even after puberty. 

What are the Major Factors Affecting Our Height Growth?

Before we get into the tips that may help increase height after puberty, let’s first outline the factors that affect our body’s growth and determine one’s stature. While the easy answer is genetics, it isn’t the whole story, as several other culprits play their part in the same. So, without further ado, let’s get into what determines your height in the first place. 

  • Lifestyle
  • Wondering how your lifestyle affects your height? The more active your lifestyle is, the better the chances of your height growth. Your physical fitness and daily activities may play a major role in determining your stature beyond your imagination. Check height increase exercises and stay fit and healthy. 

  • Diet
  • Yes, you read it right. Your diet influences your body's growth. It may either help you reach your maximum potential or hinder your growth altogether. Remember that no particular food may increase your height, and you should focus on a well-balanced diet to fulfill your nutrient requirements. 

  • Sleep
  • Another factor that may affect your height growth is adequate sleep. It’s said that your growth hormones work effectively when you are sleeping; hence, your growth might be hindered if you sleep for less time or suffer from insomnia or any other similar issue.

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    The 5 Effective Tips to Promote Body Growth

    Wondering how to increase height? Before we get into the tips, let’s make one thing clear that height growth isn’t something that happens overnight, and you must be very patient during the process. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out the effective tips to promote your body growth.

  • Eat Well-Balanced Diet
  • The simplest thing you can do to increase height is to take care of what you eat. Sometimes, the height growth is hindered due to the lack of nutrients and vitamins. Hence, prefer eating a well-balanced diet to support your overall growth. 

    Food rich in vitamins and minerals keeps your immune system working and also cuts down the risk of developing chronic diseases. The two most essential nutrients that promote bone density and should not be missed are Calcium and Vitamin D.

  • Exercise and Active Lifestyle
  • Before we move further, let me tell you the harsh reality - No exercise or stretching can make you taller, be it hanging or climbing, or using an inversion table. However, these workouts help decompress your discs, making you appear taller. Also, an active lifestyle helps maintain your body weight, which further gives you a taller appearance. 

    Some exercises you should add to your daily routine are strength-building, yoga, jumping rope, and biking. 

  • Natural Supplements
  • Natural supplements, like Long Looks Capsules or Powder, help support the overall body growth process. They are infused with the goodness of herbal extracts, like Long, Somlata, Ashwagandha, Chandrika, and Vidarikandh. 

    These tablets help in better food absorption, support bone and muscle strength, and improve digestion. However, the tablets alone cannot do anything, and you must be cautious of your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle for better results. 

  • Maintain a Good Posture
  • Another thing that may help you increase height is maintaining a good posture. There’s no denying that hunched shoulders and a curved spine can make you look a few inches shorter than your actual length. 

    Hence, it’s advised to practice good posture or add some exercises that help you to appear taller. 

  • Take Proper Rest
  • It’s time to end up the list of tips to increase height. Don’t compromise your sleep for anything, and take proper rest at night. It’s said that your body releases growth hormones when you sleep; hence, skimping on your sleep affects your growth and may not be advised. Try to get ample rest and let the body do its job well. 

    Summing Up

    That’s all, folks. Adding a few inches to the stature is the dream of almost all average-height humans. If you are dreaming of the same, it’s time to get the reality check. While you cannot bring a drastic change to your body or increase height overnight, you can still achieve a taller appearance to boost your confidence. Eat a well-balanced diet, be physically fit, take proper rest, and add natural supplements like Long Looks Capsule to your diet and see positive differences. 


    1. Is it possible to increase height after puberty?

    While you can try multiple tips and tricks, increasing height after puberty isn’t guaranteed. 

    2. Can a well-balanced diet increase my height after 18?

    A well-balanced diet fulfills the need for essential nutrients in the body that promote height growth. However, there’s no magical food that directly increases your height. 

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