7 Effective Ways to Increase Height in an Adult

7 Effective Ways to Increase Height in an Adult

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Not satisfied with your stature? Height is one of the most integral parts of your personality, as it can make or break your overall appearance. But what should you do if you don’t grow as desired? Can anything be done to increase height?

While genes largely determine your height, there are several ways to maximize your potential growth. Add these effective methods to your routine and promote overall well-being. Scroll through and find out the details here. 

How to Increase Height Naturally?

It’s no secret that genetics account for about 80% of your final height. However, certain factors, such as nutrition and exercise, typically account for the remaining percentage. So, while you cannot do anything about your DNA, you can still take care of other ways to maximize your growth potential. Here’s a quick rundown of the effective ways to increase height

1. Stay Active

Staying active is important during adolescence years and afterward to improve your overall body growth. It strengthens your muscles and bones while helping to maintain a moderate weight. 

Moreover, staying active and physical exercises promote HGH production, which further helps in body growth. It’s important to get at least one hour of exercise a day. You can add strength-building exercises, such as pushups, situps, flexibility exercises, and aerobic activities. 

2. Eat a Balanced Diet

It’s crucial that you get all your nutrients to promote overall body growth. Make sure your diet must include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and dairy products. While diet has no direct link with your stature, it still plays an important role in your overall growth. 

Your eating habits influence the production of growth hormones, and therefore, you should take a diet that includes all essential vitamins and minerals. You should limit the consumption of sugar, trans fats, and saturated fats. 

3. Use Supplements with Caution

Besides improving your eating habits and staying physically fit, you can also consume health supplements to improve your body growth. These supplements support the overall process and give positive results if taken regularly. 

However, when choosing the supplement, make sure to check the ingredient list. Select the option that comprises herbal extracts, like Long Looks Capsules. It is enriched with the goodness of natural extracts and produces no side effects. 

You can also add Long Looks Powder to your routine if you don’t like consuming tablets. Intake the powder with milk as per the dosage. 

4. Get the Right Amount of Sleep

It might be surprising, but your sleep pattern influences your overall body’s growth. Skimping on sleep occasionally won’t affect you, but doing it regularly may lead to complications. 

Your body releases the HGH hormone when sleeping. Production of this hormone may go down if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Therefore, it’s important to sleep around 7 to 8 hours. Remember that sleep is related to the production of HGH hormone and may not have a direct impact on your height. So, don’t expect to add inches to your stature just be sleeping. 

5. Yoga

If strength exercises aren’t your thing, then add Yoga to your routine and practice a good posture to increase height. This whole body can strengthen your muscles and align your body. You can practice Yoga in the comfort of your own home and get positive results.

Yoga mainly helps enhance your posture, which further improves your appearance and helps you stand taller. Some popular poses to improve your posture include Mountain Pose, Cobra Pose, Child’s Pose, and Warrior Pose. 

6. Practice Good Posture

There’s no denying that poor posture may make you look shorter than you Actually are. It causes a slumping or slouching effect, which influences your actual height. So, it’s advised to improve your body posture to appear taller than usual. 

Your back should curve naturally in three places, and these curves may shift to accommodate your new posture. 

7. Norbekov’s Method

Last but not least, the method to increase height in an adult is Norvekov’s Method. It can add no more than 2cm through the buildup of intervertebral cartilage and irritation of the tubular bones in the legs. 

This method mainly uses the growth zone in the spine, which remains open throughout your life. However, this technical should be done with precision to get better results. 

Summing Up

Right from your genes to your diet, everything has a role to play in determining your final height. So, if you haven’t achieved your maximum potential yet, then don’t wait further and use these simple yet effective tips to maximize your growth potential. Eat a healthy diet and add herbal supplements to your routine to get better outcomes. 


1. What factors affect height other than DNA?

Other than DNA, your height is most affected by the lack of growth hormones, some genetic conditions, inappropriate sleeping patterns, and an unhealthy diet.

2. Should I use health supplements?

You should use health supplements to improve your overall body growth. But make sure that supplements should comprise herbal and natural extracts to avoid any side effects. 

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