7 Myths about Height Growth you Should be Aware

7 Myths about Height Growth you Should be Aware

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A tall stature can make you noticeable and attractive in a crowd. It is often linked to popularity and confidence. So, if you believe this perspective and want to grow tall, you basically know the fact that Height Growth comes down to two things - growth plates and growth hormones. 

Further, it also depends on your genes - after all, your parents’ height is the major factor determining your growth. There are lots of misconceptions about growing taller. Hence, in this guide, we’ll begin to debunk those popular myths and find the reality encircling this hot topic. Scroll down and have a closer look. 

7 Myths About Height Growth And The Truth About Them

It’s no secret that being short can affect your life to a great extent - at least, the world believes so. So, if you want to add more inches to your stature and are contemplating the lengthening procedure, it’s vital to check the seven myths about height growth and the truth behind them. Let’s dive right in.

Myth 1: Height is Solely Determined by Genetics

Have you ever heard them saying that “you cannot grow further as your parents are short, too?” Well, the most widespread myth about height growth is your genetics solely determines that height. 

However, the reality is slightly different than beliefs. Genetics are only responsible for a percentage of your height. Having short parents doesn’t mean that you are destined for shortness. Besides Genetics, multiple other factors determine your Height Growth, such as lifestyle, diet, environmental conditions, etc. So, don’t lose hope, as you can still achieve your desired length. 

Myth 2: You cannot grow taller after puberty.

The second most common myth you must have heard at least once in your life is that growth stops after puberty. Thankfully, that’s not the case. While your growth plates fuse together and stop producing new bone tissues, it doesn’t mean that your growth stops completely. 

If height growth myths and facts are to be considered accurately, your lengthening process slows down dramatically but not stops. It means you can still attain your desired height with extra effort, like taking a nutritious diet and incorporating stretching into your routine. 

Myth 3: You need to drink lots of milk to grow taller

Trust me, you don’t. This superficial myth only exists due to the fact that milk contains Vitamin D and calcium, which indirectly improves our bone health. Some old-age people believe that you can produce more growth plates by providing them calcium, and that’s why they insist you add milk to your routine. 

But the truth is that milk isn’t the only source of Calcium and Vitamin D. You can also add other things to get them, such as nuts, soybeans, broccoli, and fish. 

Myth 4: Lifting weights will grow you taller

Another widespread brief is that lifting weights can stunt your height growth. The truth is quite the contrary. Exercise and lifting weights won’t affect your height. Even some of them do compress your spine, such as squats and shoulder presses.

Those stretching workouts can only improve your posture and make you appear taller. So, it’s better not to believe in this myth and stay away from excess gymming and weight lifting. 

Myth 5: Height Increasing Pills don’t work

Here comes the serious one - most people believe that height-lengthening pills are a waste and don’t work at all. Believe it or not, that’s not the case. Some natural pills may support your growth, like Long Looks Capsules. It comprises herbal extracts and produces no side effects. 

However, before adding such pills to your routine, be mindful that these supplements won’t do wonders overnight. You must be patient and follow a healthy lifestyle to get results. 

Myth 6: Caffeine hinders height growth

This myth has nothing to do with the reality. Caffeine and especially coffee don’t affect your height growth. However, let us find out its origin. Caffeine is quite notorious for impacting your sleep patterns, and if you consume it in excess amounts, it might lead you to sleepless nights, which indirectly hinders your body's growth. 

So, if you want to enjoy coffee without affecting your stature, it’s best to consume it in the daytime and limit its amount. 

Myth 7: Height Surgery is Safe

Let’s wrap up the list with the most disgusting myth you’ve ever heard about height growth, which is that height surgery is safe. Trust me, it isn’t. In this procedure, the leg bones are cut, and a lengthening device is implanted to help your bones grow taller. It is invasive, expensive, and highly dangerous. 

Hence, if you want to add to your stature, it’s best to use natural methods and keep an arm’s distance from such surgeries. 


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Summing Up

Height growth can be a sensitive topic for people, especially those ready to go above and beyond to achieve their desired length. However, it’s always advised to stay away from the dangerous myths and rumors that may hinder your growth. We hope our research will help you debunk unnecessary myths and see the reality clearer than ever.


1. Does nicotine affect height growth?

Yes. Nicotine changes our stress coping mechanisms and sleeping patterns, thus hindering all body growth. 

2. What exercises support your height growth?

Stretching exercises may support your height growth and make you appear taller. 

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