7 Ways to Get Rid of Noticeable Vaginal Odor

7 Ways to Get Rid of Noticeable Vaginal Odor

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Sick of the foul smell down there and want to get rid of the vaginal odor? A female’s vagina has a natural odor, and it usually changes throughout the menstrual cycle. Since your lady part houses good and bad bacteria, you can expect it to smell like flowers. 

But what if you start smelling weird down there? Should you see a doctor or follow the healthcare remedies to get rid of it? Read on and find the seven quick and effective ways to say goodbye to the foul vaginal odor. Keep scrolling and have a closer look. 

How to Remove Foul Vaginal Odor Naturally? 7 Easy Tips

While slight changes in vaginal odor can be normal, persistent or strong smells may indicate an underlying issue and requires quick attention. Here, we’ve compiled the easiest ways to get rid of vaginal odor. Scroll down and get ready to make notes. 

1. Maintain Good Hygiene Practices

First thing first. You must maintain good hygiene practices to keep foul vaginal odors at bay. The lady bit often accumulates sweat and dirt easily; hence, it is mandatory to wash it regularly and keep it clean. 

Use a warm washcloth to clean your vagina from time to time. Also, wash it properly after urination and intercourse. Besides, you can use natural intimate products, like VG Wash, to help maintain the pH balance of your intimate area. It is enriched with natural extracts, like Aloe Vera and Tulsi, and produces positive effects if used regularly. 

2. Avoid Douching

The second best method to eliminate the foul smell down there is to avoid douching as much as you can. A female’s vagina has a natural cleansing mechanism, and it doesn’t require a deep cleaning. Sometimes, douching kills the good bacteria and hinders the balance, which further causes the bad odor. Hence, it’s best to stay away from douching and keep your vaginal pH intact. 

3. Wear Breathable Undergarments

Still looking for how to get rid of vaginal odor at home? It’s better to wear breathable cotton undergarments and allow air to pass through your intimate part. Tight panties and silk/ satin fabrics often trap organisms around your vulva, thus producing bad vaginal odor. Hence, it’s best to opt for the cotton wears to keep your vagina healthy. You can also skip wearing underwear at night. 

Also, change your underwear daily to prevent sweat and bacteria buildup in the genital area. 

4. Consider Adding Probiotics to Your Diet

One of the best 7 ways to get rid of vaginal odor is to add probiotics food to your diet. Including yogurt and fermented items in your routine can help your vagina smell good and odor-free. These foods maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in your lady part, thus reducing the risk of infections. 

5. Stay Hydrated

You should consume water in good quantity to avoid the ammonia smell. Drinking plenty of water can have a positive impact on your vaginal odor. It helps maintain the body’s natural balance of fluids, including those in the vaginal tissues. Staying hydrated also helps reduce any strong or concentrated smell from the body.

6. Use Tampons or Menstrual cups

Another best way to get rid of vaginal odors is to start using tampons or menstrual cups instead of pads and panty liners. The latter often traps moisture next to your skin, thus producing a foul smell. Tampons are the best alternative to pads and should be included in your routine during periods. 

They not only offer more freedom to exercise, swim, and play sports but are also better for maintaining personal hygiene during your menstrual cycle. 

7. Practice Safe Intercourse

It’s essential to clean your genitals after intercourse to reduce the risk of infection and foul smell. You can use mild or unscented soap to clean your vulva and the area around your vagina and wash it with warm water. 

It’s advised to urinate after sex to remove any bad bacteria that may have entered the urethra after intercourse. 

Summing Up

It may be ideal for the vagina to smell like a garden, but that’s not always the case. The organ might have its own cleaning mechanism, but you must practice good intimate hygiene to make your lady part smell fresh. If none of the above solutions work, it’s advised to visit the healthcare provider immediately to get medical attention. 


1. What causes bad vaginal odor?

There are multiple causes triggering bad vaginal odor, including sweating, poor hygiene habits

Bacterial vaginosis, Vaginitis, Douching, and more.

2. Do home remedies work for vaginal odor?

Sure, they do. Home remedies can do wonders and eliminate the vaginal odor in fewer days. 

3. What determines your vaginal scent?

Vaginal odor depends on various things, such as Hydration Levels, Food Intake, Medications, Overall Health Status, and Menstrual Cycle. 

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