Effective Ways to Lighten Your Dark Underarms

Effective Ways to Lighten Your Dark Underarms

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Underarm skin is delicate, making it vulnerable to multiple concerns like infection, rashes, and discoloration. Dark armpits could be embarrassing and keep some people from dressing in sleeveless shirts, wearing bathing suits in public, or participating in sports. 

But thankfully, managing those pesky pigmented patches is easy with plenty of at-home remedies. Interested in lightening your armpits? This guide should interest you. Here, we’ve outlined some quick and effective remedies to eliminate dark underarms. 

What Causes Dark Underarms?

Several factors contribute to dark armpits, including sweating, shaving, deodorants, and dead skin buildup. Let’s elaborate on these causes in a bit of detail to get a better idea. 

1. Shaving

Underarms discoloration can result from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by shaving. You may be shaving the wrong way, using a dull razor, going over the same patch too many times, or scratching the area, leading to irritation and discoloration.

2. Lack of exfoliation

The buildup of dead skin cells on the surface increases pigmentation, thus leading to dark armpits. Hence, it’s always advised to exfoliate your underarms to counter the underarms' darkness. 

3. Deodorant

Deodorants often contain parabens, alcohol, and artificial fragrances, leading to irritation and discoloration. It causes skin inflammation, resulting in skin thickening and darkening over time. 

4. Clothing

Sometimes, friction caused by tight clothes triggers irritation and itching, thus intensifying skin discoloration in the underarms. Hence, always prefer loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, especially during summer, to avoid such conditions. 

5. Sweat

Those who sweat a lot must be familiar with the odor and dark armpit problems that usually accompany it. The bacteria that flourish in your sweaty underarm not only causes foul odor but leads to discoloration of your underarms in the long run. 

The Practical Methods to Lighten Dark Underarms

Dark armpits could be why you do not wear your favorite sleeveless dress. But not anymore, as our experts have compiled some practical methods to lighten your dark underarms. Scroll down and uncover the secrets to banishing underarm darkness and embracing confidence. 

Brightening Cream

1. Optimize your shaving routine

It’s no secret that shaving is the go-to solution when you need bare underarms immediately. However, if not done correctly, it can leave its marks behind on your underarms and result in skin discoloration. 

Hence, if you prefer shaving over waxing and any other hair-cleaning method, be sure to optimize your shaving routine to avoid dark armpits. Never shave your underarms without using shaving cream. 

Allow the cream to sit on the skin for 15 to 20 seconds, and replace blades frequently to prevent dull, old razor blades from rubbing along the skin. 

2. Stop Scrubbing your underarms

Remember that physical pressure provides no benefits when handling hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration in the underarms. In fact, it’s more likely to irritate, thus worsening the problem. 

Instead of scrubbing, adding a gentle combination of chemical and physical exfoliators into your routine a few times a week is suggested. This avoids additional pressure and glides on your underarm skin to offer results. 

Since the underarm skin is thin and delicate, you must opt for an exfoliant intended for sensitive skin. 

3. Use at-home remedies

You can also manage the problem of dark underarms using natural remedies from the comfort of your home. These include coconut oil, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, olive oil, lemon, etc. 

All these ingredients are considered to be natural bleaching and lightening agents that may help remove dark patches and lighten your armpits without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also add potato juice to your underarm skincare routine. Use it twice a day for effective results and say goodbye to dark, embarrassing underarms. 

4. Over-the-counter products

In addition to at-home remedies and scrubbing, it’s often advised to opt for over-the-counter products and say hello to brightened underarms. Choose from a wide range of skin-whitening topical creams or lotions that help make your underarm skin better. 

But since the market is loaded with tons of products, selecting the rightmost option can be daunting. Pick a vegan formulation, such as Exposed Whitening Cream, for underarms and intimate areas, and see a remarkable difference. It is packed with the goodness of Cucumber, Lime, and other Ayurvedic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Tulsi, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil, which help lighten dark patches. 

5. Switch to Hypoallergenic Deodorant

Deodorants usually contain sulfates, parabens, alcohol, and artificial fragrances, thus leading to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and worsening the problem. They often cause allergies, redness, and itching.
Hence, consider switching to a hypoallergenic or natural alternative to keep inflammation, irritation, and pigmentation at bay. A word of caution - whatever deodorant you choose, don’t forget to check the ingredients and ensure it’s free from strong chemical formulations. 

6. Wear loose-fitting clothes

Since sweat and friction are the major triggers of dark underarms, it’s suggested to wear loose-fitting clothes instead of body-hugging garments to avoid sweat buildup and excessive heat. 

Tightly fitted clothes chafe the skin of your armpits, thus causing irritation which further converts into hyperpigmentation. Choose natural fabrics, like cotton or silk, over artificial ones to let your skin breathe and reduce the chances of irritation. 

Summing Up

Hope it helps. Underarm skin is analogous to eyelid skin in terms of depth; hence, a delicate balance and appropriate, skin-friendly products are required to achieve improvement without further irritation.

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