How to Increase Height – Important Factors that Influence Growth?

How to Increase Height – Important Factors that Influence Growth?

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Height is one of the major factors that can make or break your personality. It’s a no-brainer that short-height people lack confidence and self-esteem, so they often look for methods to increase height. But here’s the question - is it possible to increase your stature, and what determines your height growth? 

While genes largely determine our height, it’s not the only factor involved. Are you all set to add a few inches to your stature? Scroll down and find some practical ways to increase height. Ahead, we’ve also compiled important factors that influence growth. Here are the details.

What Factors Affect Height?

Before we go deep down into height increasing exercises or other methods, let’s first compile important factors affecting your stature. Scroll down to have a closer look. 

1. DNA and Genes 

It’s no secret that DNA and Genes are the major height-determining factors. According to one study, more than 700 different gene variants affect your stature. Some of them influence your growth plates, while others may affect the production of growth hormones. 

Heredity is the process through which genes transmit physical traits from parents to offspring. This affects numerous aspects, including height, weight, color, body shape, and more. It’s believed that DNA accounts for 80% of the influence on human height. So, if you come from a family of short stature, you are more likely to be short as well. 

2. Hormones

Three hormones play a crucial role in promoting human growth. These include Growth Hormones, Thyroid Hormones, and Sex Hormones. The pituitary gland produces growth hormones that can affect your body's growth. 

Similarly, the thyroid gland is responsible for producing the thyroid hormone that also influences the overall growth of your body. 

3. Nutrition

Another factor that plays an important role in height growth is nutrition. Poor-quality food and a lack of sufficient nutritional sources adversely affect children's development. Besides, children born to parents who didn’t eat properly during pregnancy are more likely to face challenges when they try to increase height. 

4. Environment

There’s one more factor that may influence your height growth, and that’s none other than Environmental factors. These include social, economic, and physical factors. Studies show that children raised in poor and inappropriate environmental conditions have generally poor stature. 

How to Increase Height - 4 Simple Ways

Wondering how to increase height and gain self-confidence? While height growth isn’t an overnight process, and your stature largely depends on the DNA, there are some workarounds that may help you add a few inches to your growth.

1. Adequate Sleep

Since growth hormones are generally produced during sleep, it’s mandatory to get proper sleep to improve your stature. You must sleep for at least 7-8 hours during your growth years so these hormones can be produced in the appropriate amount and let your body achieve its maximum potential. 

2. Well-Balanced Diet

The best method to increase height naturally is to eat a well-balanced diet. Your diet should include all the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to grow. Add fruits and green vegetables to your diet and avoid junk food to get better results. 

3. Growth Supplements

If you want to expedite the growth process, you must add natural growth supplements to your routine, like Long Looks Powder, and get results. This supplement contains herbal extracts and, therefore, produces no side effects. Moreover, it is ideal for both girls and boys and covers a wide spectrum of consumers. 

However, be mindful that these growth supplements won’t offer results overnight, and you must be very patient to get any positive outcome. Also, it is a 90-day course, and you must complete it to get the best results.

4. Stretching and Exercises

In addition to buying Long Looks Capsules or other natural growth supplements, one must include stretching and other height-increasing exercises in their routine. These exercises may help you improve the spinal cord length and thus add a few inches to your growth. 

Besides, you can perform several yoga postures that are solely focused on height and body growth. 

Summing Up

Several factors, including genes, hormones, environmental factors, or sleep, influence your height. While you cannot control the DNA part, you can take a few measures to control other factors. Add a well-balanced meal to your routine, live an active lifestyle, and take natural growth supplements to streamline the process. Be patient and follow the routine consistently to help increase height.


1. What’s the average female height at 20 years of age?

The average female height at 20 years is 5.3 ft. However, it may vary from one person to another. 

2. Can adults increase their height?

While adults cannot increase height after puberty, they can add stretching exercises and practice good posture to appear taller. 

3. Does Testosterone makes you taller?

Yes, sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone may help in the overall body development and improve your stature during growth years. 

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