What to do if Your Vagina Smells Bad?

What to do if Your Vagina Smells Bad?

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Tired of experiencing pungent vagina odor and wondering how to get rid of the same? First of all, all vaginas have a mind odor, and there’s nothing to worry about it. However, if you experience a smelly odor for longer than usual, it’s better to take precautionary measures or visit the gynecologist to seek help.

Below, we have listed some practical methods to eliminate the fishy vaginal odor for good. Keep scrolling the page to find out why you experience a smelly vagina and what to do if your lady bit smells bad.

What is Abnormal Vaginal Odor?

Before we go deep down into ways to get rid of the smelly vagina, let’s map out the overview f an abnormal vaginal odor. All vaginas produce scents, and that smell definitely doesn’t resemble a garden of roses. 

But while a mild odor is natural, the problem arises when it continues to be strong and pungent. Your vaginal smell indicates about your lifestyle, activities, and overall health. Everyone’s vagina has a unique scent, and that’s completely normal. 

However, if you continuously experience a strong, unfamiliar, and unpleasant odor, it may be a symptom of a health problem. But you don’t have to worry about it, as there are ways that may help you get rid of vaginal odor naturally. Continue scrolling the page and find out more details here. 

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odors?

So, your vaginal smells bad, and you are wondering how to fix the problem without seeking any professional healthcare. Fret not, and keep reading the guide to find a few practical ways for the same. Abnormal vaginal odor will go away with precautionary measures, so be cautious and practice intimate hygiene to smell good down there. Here are the tips and tricks to follow. 

1. Wear light, breathable clothing

First of all, it’s always advised to wear light, breathable clothes that give your vulva a space to breathe. Avoid wearing thongs and other such clothes that are too tight on the vulva. Instead, wear cotton underwear that won’t hold in heat and moisture. 

2. Drink plenty of water

Another thing you can do to get rid of vagina smell is to drink plenty of water. Now, the main theory behind drinking too much water for a healthy vagina is that your lady bit may have a strong ammonia smell if you are dehydrated.

Appropriate water consumption may help with hydration and eliminate the foul smell that builds up due to the concentrated waste material. Moreover, water keeps your vagina fresh and allows it to flush out toxins from time to time. 

3. Wash your vagina regularly

Besides drinking water, it’s mandatory to wash your vagina regularly. Be mindful that you only need warm water to clean your vagina. Don’t fall prey to fancy products, as your vagina needs nothing to get cleaned except water. 

Rather than chemically-formulated soaps, you can opt for natural products, like VG Wash, to keep your vagina clean. It contains the goodness of herbal extracts and produces no side effects. Besides, you must avoid perfumed soaps and deodorants as they make things worse. 

4. Practice Intimate Hygiene

It’s mandatory to practice intimate hygiene to keep your vagina happy. Wash it regularly, change your undergarments daily, and don’t douche. Intimate hygiene is particularly needed during your periods. Change your sanitary pads every 3-4 hours, and try switching to a menstrual cup or tampon during your periods. Also, don’t forget to pee after sex to clear foreign substances. 

5. Don’t Douche

Last but not least method to get rid of vaginal odor at home is to avoid douching. Look, a female’s vagina has an auto-cleaning mechanism, which means that it automatically gets cleaned from time and time and doesn’t require your interference. 

So, it’s better to wash your vulva only and keep an arm’s distance from unnecessary douching. Douching can simply interrupt the balance between good and bad bacteria in the vagina and leads to further infections. 

Summing Up

Vagina Odor may vary during your menstrual cycle, and there’s nothing to worry about it. However, if you constantly smell a pungent, unfamiliar odor, it might indicate some health symptoms. So, don’t overlook your vaginal smell, and take all precautionary measures to get rid of the same. If nothing works, then don’t wait further and go to the healthcare provider to seek medical assistance. 


1. What causes pungent vaginal odor?

Multiple things can cause pungent odor, like vaginitis, increased blood flow to your vagina, hormones imbalance, and more. 

2. How is vaginal odor treated?

Vaginal odor can be treated using antibiotics. However, you must consult the doctor and take prescribed medicines only. 

3. When to see a doctor for abnormal vaginal odor?

You should see a doctor immediately if a smelly vagina accompanies by the excessive discharge, burning, and itching. 

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